Our Covid-19 Approach

The health, well-being and safety of our guests and colleagues are of paramount importance to us today and every day.
To provide you with a worry-free holiday, we are taking a number of actions to keep bringing you the highest standards and ensure you feel comfortable during your stay at the Belvedere Hotel. We have designed an action plan for the prevention of Covid-19 disease in accordance with the official health protection protocols as instructed by the Ministries of Health & Tourism.

Health Protection Measures

Internal Organization
• An in-house Covid-19 coordinator is appointed by the Hotel’s Management.
• All heads of departments have followed an approved training course about Covid-19 prevention
measures and are responsible for the implementation of applicable health and hygiene protocols.
• The company has established a continuous collaboration with a physician, who is being consulted about potential Covid-19 incidents and undertakes the necessary precautionary rapid tests.

• As an optional measure, any guest will be provided a protective mask for usage in internal communal spaces of the hotel in case requested.

• The health of our employees will be carefully monitored. All employees are encouraged to be temperature-screened prior to their arrival to work.
• All members of staff have followed the official training as approved by the Ministries of Health and Tourism.

Rooms & Public Spaces
• All the public spaces of the hotel will be equipped with hand sanitizers.
• Disinfection of rooms prior to arrival as well as deep cleaning of public spaces throughout the day
will be performed by our dedicated housekeepers who will be focusing on high touch surfaces.
• Disinfection of key cards and keys – placement in a special container for disinfection.

Restaurant – Bar
• Hand sanitizers are provided in all restaurant tables and bars.
• All dining venues and kitchen areas are following the Ministry of Health guidelines for food safety
and kitchen sanitization.

• The driver is responsible for frequent cleaning and disinfecting the vehicle after the transfers.

Management of suspected case of Covid-19
• The hotel has an action plan to manage any suspected Covid-19 cases among guests or
employees. In the case of a confirmed infection in the hotel premises, the disinfection of the
premises, surfaces and objects is essential. The in-house Covid-19 Coordinator will be informed,
so that more specific measures are taken and implemented in the form of a full cleaning-
disinfection program, according to the respective instructions of the Ministry of Health and the
Greek Public Health Organization (E.O.D.Y.).