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Al fresco in the summer; under the Mediterranean sun by day or the twinkling stars by night; the Belvedere Hotel offers a very exclusive selection of restaurants and bars in Mykonos. With world renowned awarded chefs such as Nobu Matsuhisa and Nikos Zervos and mixologist Dale de Groff on board, the Belvedere’s poolside bar restaurants provide an epicurean journey into culinary delight, the likes of which has never been witnessed before.Cocktails and events will also include live performances throughout the summer season.

Restaurants and bars in Mykonos

Strongly emulating the pulsating vibe of the streets of Chora in Mykonos, where bars and restaurants have originated squeezed one next to the other into its narrow white paved streets, the Belvedere has positioned its contemporary and dynamic bars and restaurants around the luxuriating pool that shimmers under the stars.
Socializing and an inherent sense of theatricality reflect the irresistible allure that makes up Chora and Mykonos’ lifestyle. For this is where the beautiful crowd intermingles with food connoisseurs, in some of Mykonos’ most outstanding bar restaurant destinations for dinner and drinks. From their outstanding location around the pool, the Belvedere’s bars and restaurants in Mykonos offer diner in a spectacular unique setting overlooking the wonders of Chora in Mykonos, in which one can enjoy exhilarating culinary dinner creations.

Matsuhisa Mykonos

The Nobu concept is given a new twist at Matsuhisa Mykonos, the only of the Nobu or Matsuhisa restaurants where dinner is served completely outdoors. Nobu’s dinning experience is applied to the Belvedere’s Mykonian style of life where each restaurant and bar luxuriously reflects the originality of the surrounding town.

The differing microcosms – restaurants in Mykonos

Every year, a new concept representing an individual microcosm within the hotel, is added to the maze of common areas.With the aim to provide our loyal guests with something new to experience every year they visit the hotel, dining and drinks at the Belvedere are always slightly retouched and redefined. This change of ambience and surroundings also takes place on daily basis, from the early morning hours through to dusk. Sunbathing areas are transformed from day to night, to upscale elegant vibrant lounge and outdoor dining experiences where the glistening pool takes centre stage at one of the finest Mykonos boutique hotels.

Breakfast at Belvedere

Last but not least, the essence of Island warmth and hospitality combine with the elegant contemporary environment, where guests start the day as light or heartily as they wish. Breakfasts featuring the very best of fresh local products feature traditional delicious Greek recipes such as homemade cakes and pies, eggs and omelets and a selection of sweet and savoury snacks. These delicacies are overseen by the Belvedere’s culinary team.