Belvedere Hotel,

Eugenie Niarchos


Happy on Planet Venyx

Eugenie Niarchos isn’t a mere ingénue… She creates timeless jewelry pieces with a classic style and vintage elements.

By Kelly Stavropoulou

How do you personally relate to jewelry?
I love jewels because of their beauty and meaning. I always wear a piece of jewelry, be it a ring, earrings or a pendant. I think they add charm to your outfit. I also love stones and am a firm believer in their energy.

What are your childhood memories of jewelry?
I have always been attracted to jewelry – perhaps because it makes you dream… the brilliance, the shapes, the colors and aspects of the stones. You can travel to another dimension via jewels. Jewelry is also part of history – I have always been fascinated by the many myths related to jewelry.

What made you decide to create your own collection?
It took me many years to start my own brand. I think that being creative and running a business are two entirely different things. I decided to take the leap about three years ago, with all the support of my friends and family, who have always pushed me in that direction.


What is the concept of your brand?
I create jewelry for a modern woman who will wear my pieces day and night and on any occasion. I like to create intricate pieces that tell a story through their shape and the use of special stones. Nature is my main source of inspiration, through which I come up with endless ideas. There is also a touch of Sci-Fi to my pieces, which lends my jewelry a more modern air.
Why did you name your brand Venyx? What does Venyx mean?
I chose not to name the brand after me because I didn’t want the brand to be associated to any person or style in particular. I wanted to start something fresh and new. I decided to call it Venyx because it’s a combination of Venus and Onyx, a planet and a stone – two things that are the foundations of my inspiration. Venyx is conceived as an imaginary planet.


How did the collaboration with the Belvedere come about?
I met Nikolas Ioannidis a few years before launching Venyx. He has followed the brand from the beginning and believes in my designs. Last year he asked me if I wanted to collaborate on a pop up shop and I accepted straight away, because I really like the Belvedere and think that it is a perfect place for Venyx too.IMGP2974

Do you find any connection between the aesthetics of your jewels and this hotel?
This hotel is beautiful and classic, and also modern – a combination that I find timeless. It’s also a very welcoming place and doesn’t feel like a resort. I hope that my jewelry emits the same feeling. I couldn’t think of a better place to have a boutique.

What are your top 3 memorable and beloved moments at the Belvedere?
My shop opening last year was definitely the most exciting and special moment for me. It is the first Venyx shop ever and I was very moved by the warm welcome I received. I’ve also enjoyed many great dinners at Nobu with friends, laughing and chatting nonstop. And of course, watching the sunset from the Belvedere terrace is a truly special experience!

Read the rest of the interview on Belvedere Magazine, coming out June 2016.

Eugenie Niarchos’ fine jewellery collections are available at the first Venyx Shop at the Belvedere Hotel, Mykonos.



Through the luxury hotel’s stone walled gates, one walks into an impossibly charming bougainvillea clad courtyard. Entering the design 5 star hotel lobby, one soon discovers the understated elegance, design genius and rich history that have established the Belvedere as a truly iconic luxury boutique hotel in Mykonos.