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The most exclusive Fitness Centre in Mykonos

For guests’ convenience, the Belvedere’s fitness centre / hotel gym offer fitness facilities in Mykonos Town that promise to rejuvenate without guests ever having to leave the hotel. The Belvedere’s fitness centre made its mark in Chora in July 2005. Guests have access to Mykonos Town’s most luxurious hotel gym where fitness facilities are state of the art, fitted out in a style that harmonizes perfectly with the rest of the property.

Reflecting the beauty of Chora, design elements such as the bougainvillea clad roof and play on light, create the feeling of being outdoors in the wonders of Mykonos. The BOSE surround system, the air conditioning and ventilation, add to the technological touch and keep the atmosphere cool, fresh and actively vivid. Especially dedicated to those who don’t want to miss out on their workouts, Mykonos Town’s most exclusive hotel gym provides the following facilities:

  • Stretching area
  • Cardio vascular equipment area (Cybex Eagle series)
  • Strength equipment area, including Uesaka dumbbells