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Cleanse the body and mind through this ancient, yet effective practice.
Increase your energy levels, improve clarity of thought and enjoy a quieter mind.
Boost your immune system.

Ideal for yoga aficionados and guests looking for less punishing detox programs, Yogic Detox combines aspects of asanas (hatha yogic postures), pranayama (breath regulation), meditation and satkriya (movement and breath exercise) to offer a profound experience. This program is complemented by a variety of detox and energy treatments.

The ultimate goal is to detoxify the body and mind in a controlled and safe manner. 

Program Inclusions

Yoga consultation (30 minutes)
Personalized Yoga per room (60 minutes)
Pranayama per room (45 minutes)
Guided meditation per room (45 minutes)
Yoga stretching (60 minutes)
Detox Massage ( 50 minutes)
Detox Cleansing Ritual (80 minutes)
Holistic Massage (50 minutes)
Oriental Massage (50 minutes)

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About the Yogi

Eleni Malakou is an experienced instructor with advanced training in hatha yoga. She’s been practicing yoga for over six years and is knowledgeable in many styles such as restorative, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, prenatal, postnatal and acrobatic yoga. She also specializes in physiotherapy with a specific focus on musculoskeletal and neurological problems in adults and children. In addition, Eleni is an anatomy instructor for yoga and Pilates teacher training courses.