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The first Venyx store at Belvedere Mykonos

Fine jewellery designer Eugenie Niarchos opens her first Venyx mono brand store in the iconic Belvedere Hotel, at the heart of Mykonos Town. In an environment of modern design and high aesthetics, the unique collections of VENYX, Theyia and Reptilia will be now available to the Mykonos crowd.

Eugenie Niarchos’ jewellery pieces are known for their unique style, combining retro and futuristic aesthetics. VENYX’s clean, uncluttered lines that redefine the old and make it new. In Reptilia, Eugenie draws inspiration from the intricate patterns that form reptile skins and shells and dedicates the collection to those details. Different textures are a basic element of the collection and contribute to unique details in famous designs, such as Lady Caman and the Madagascan Turtle. In Theyia, the designer gets inspired from Greek Mythology Titaness Theyia, the mother of the Sun.