Tibetan Tummo Workshop

AUGUST 20-22

Tummo exists of a combination of breathing and visualization techniques, used to enter a deep state of meditation that is used to increase a persons “inner heat”.

This inner heat enables someone to control one’s body temperature, unblock any obstacle in the energy centers known as Chakras, and rise that energy up to your heart producing the “Bliss” we all are searching for.

This workshop has a humble approach to ancient secret knowledge which it will require a further practice from the student to achieve all the benefits of this technique.

Tibetan Tummo Workshop


Day 1 : Tummo theory preparation, train of the channels.

We will immerse ourselves in the meaning of Tummo, how it works and why. Preparation of the body and energy channels will activate the ignition of the fire.

Day 2 : Tummo theory, Train of the Winds

We will go through some theory and the preparation of the winds, which are the different aspects of the breathing techniques.

Day 3 : Tummo theory, Train of the body, main practice

We will have a full Tummo preparation and practice with everything that we’ve learnt. The body will be fully prepared to activate the inner fire and control it in order to heal, and rise our energy.

Duration: 90 min per day                  Price : EUR 450 per person