Sunken Watermelon Cocktail Bar

Originally created to celebrate the Belvedere’s 20th Anniversary and designed by Concept Boarding, the Sunken Watermelon Cocktail Bar offers a concise cocktail list curated by mixologist extraordinaire Christos Chouseas.

Extraordinary Mixology

Sticking to the classics, the bar menu offers six timeless cocktails that have become part of the island’s collective consciousness. Chouseas steers clear of eccentric ingredient combinations and overly complicated recipes, using a hint of nostalgia as the only garnish. The star of the show is a nuanced rum blend combined with Belvedere’s house-made orange cordial and almond bitters, while some of the drinks feature seasonal ingredients, like prickly pear and beetroot. The tight cocktail selection is a testament to Chouseas’ legendary attention to detail, so don’t overthink it. There are no wrong choices on this menu.

Extraordinary Mixology

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