Poolside Memories

poolside nights at the Belvedere

Last summer, the Belvedere Hotel invited guests to step into the groove, courtesy of a carefully curated nostalgia both. Strategically set up at the main bar, it featured an exclusive collection of vinyl records that captured the true spirit of Mykonos, from Fleetwood Mac and Prince all the way to Blondie and the Eurythmics. During the day, guests could pick and choose their own mood – lifters, while DJs laid down the law after dark. The Booth was powered by B&O, featuring a pair of Beolab 50 speakers, a stunning mixture of style, clever engineering and fine sound.


Lou Hayter

London native, Lou Hayter joined the Belvedere with her eclectic beats. She has an extensive collection of music and loves to play on Vinyl. Her favorite tracks spaned across all music genres that included all-time classics, such as Grace Jones ‘Island Life’ to African Disco boogie.



Fiona Jane

Fiona Jane is a street style favorite. She combines her love of fashion and music and joined Belvedere with her wanderlust spirit and a mix of extensive music which is inherit in her style. 


Laidback Izy, a lover of disco house and fitted right into Belvederes Poolside nights. Hailing from Sydney, she has played on the international scene since her formative days, with residencies in London, Hong Kong, Punta del Este and now Mykonos. Shifted through the decades with a mixture of old-school jams and contempo dance injections, putting Bang & Olufsen's visionary Beolab 50 to the test.


This summer we will continue with the Poolside nights project. Stay tuned for more information about our DJs and dates.

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