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Belvedere Mykonos - Our Heritage

In 2016, the Belvedere celebrated its 20th anniversary with an almighty bang, whose roaring reverberations still echo through the Mykonian summer. The Ioannidis family kicked off the festivities with “Follow the Wind”, an imaginary saga of rekindled love directed by filmmaker Thodoris Papadoulakis. The film tied into “Your Mykonos Legend” campaign, which spurred a social media frenzy, and culminated in an earth-shattering party. The evening marked the unveiling of the Sunken Watermelon anniversary bar, which has since become a Belvedere staple. The rest is history…

20 years and counting...

1850The First Step1850

The First Step

Mansion Stoupa, surrounded by cherry blossoms, grape vines, fragrant rose bushes and tall cypress trees, is rented out to French politicians and European artists for the holidays.
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1960The Origins1960

20 years and counting...

The Origins

A stately villa called Mansion Stoupa – now the Matsuhisa Mykonos – was erected on the property that currently houses the Belvedere Hotel, causing a stir.
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1996A Star is Born1996

A Star is Born

The Belvedere Hotel opens its doors to the public in May, leaving the gorgeous garden untouched. The name pays tribute to the magnificent views.
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1998A New Generation1998

A New Generation

The Ioannidis siblings graduate from college and turn their attention to the Belvedere Hotel, taking the reigns from their parents.
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1999White Parties1999

White Parties

In August 1999, the Belvedere throws co-owner Tasos Ioannidis a birthday bash, asking guests to dress in white. The White Parties are born.
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2001Mid-winter Venetian Party2001

Mid-winter Venetian Party

The Belvedere ushers in the Millennium with a mid-winter Venetian party, forcing five other hotels to open out of season to accommodate the crowd.
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2003Matsuhisa Mykonos2003

Matsuhisa Mykonos

Matsuhisa debuts a pop-up restaurant, conquering the hearts of Mykonian gourmands. Celebrated mixologist Dale DeGroff, aka King Cocktail, adds seven exclusive martinis to the Belvedere Bar menu.
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2006New Beginnings2006

New Beginnings

Between 2006 and 2010, the Belvedere embarks on a gradual renovation that lasts over four years. Domna Ioannidis, working for the NY-based Rockwell Group, spearheads the undertaking.
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2012The Belvedere Villa2012

The Belvedere Villa

The legendary “phantom villa”, built in the late 60s, is renovated by ConceptBoarding Architecture Studio and added to the Belvedere accommodation portfolio.
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2015Six Senses Spa2015

Six Senses Spa

Designed from scratch by Domna Ioannidis, the Six Senses Spa opens its doors in July, introducing a new era of wellness. Belvedere guests can finally breathe freely.
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201620th Anniversary Celebrations2016

20th Anniversary Celebrations

Celebrating the Belvedere’s 20-year anniversary with a rambunctious party, the Ioannidis siblings introduce a new artisanal cocktail bar, the Sunken Watermelon.
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2016Follow the Wind2016

Follow the Wind

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, the Belvedere presented "Follow the Wind" movie.
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2017Thea Estiatorio2017

Thea Estiatorio

Thea Estiatorio is relaunched, focusing on reimagined Greek cuisine. Princess Tatiana contributes three recipes to the menu to celebrate her first cookbook. The Belvedere Shop is refurbished by ConceptBoarding Architecture Studio, boosting its designer collection.
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2018Belvedere Mansion2018

Belvedere Mansion

Originally erected in the 1850s, then operated as a guest holiday home and until 2017 as Matsuhisa Mykonos interior space, the Belvedere Mansion is more than a traditional Mykonian style residence. The Belvedere Mansion features a private pool, a dinning area and a full equipped bar. 
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2019Hilltop Rooms & Suites2019

Hilltop Rooms & Suites

This Season, Belvedere celebrated the inauguration of its Hilltop Rooms and Suites. Located within walking distance from the Belvedere main building, guests enjoy a more serene surrounding while having the option to engage in a more social environment whenever they please. Each Hilltop Room and Suite has a unique interior that resonates luxury and overlooks the picturesque town and of course, the Aegean Sea.
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2022Introducing Cocco Mykonos2022

Introducing Cocco Mykonos

The new Italian bistro, courtesy of the Belvedere hotel, is riding high on the Mykonianwaves, spectacularly located on the seafront with the best views on the island.
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2022Belvedere Pool Club2022

Belvedere Pool Club

This year, the Belvedere Hotel, where a crescendo of globetrotting nomads come home to roost every summer, has its own Pool Club.
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