Belvedere Pool Club

Built to capture the imagination, the Belvedere Hotel pool harbors many secrets.
Luckily, the Belvedere Pool Club is here to help you delve into its refreshing blue
depths, without a care in the world.

Starting with the colour – an aethereal blue-grey that ties in with the island’s Cycladic palette – the Belvedere Grande Dame sets the tone of the Mykonian summer, whether you are a hotel guest or renting a sun lounger for the day is order to get your prescribed quota of poolside glamour, à la Slim Aarons.
The Belvedere Pool Club is set to welcome guests and visitors alike with a brand new marble-paved deck in pale marine tones, sun loungers, spacious cabanas and comfortable white armchairs shaded by aqua awnings, for those scorching summer days when the natural shade of the bougainvillaeas simply isn’t enough. Thanks to creative architecture studio Concept Boarding, which is responsible for revamping the space,
The Belvedere Pool Club has been transformed into a real oasis in downtown Mykonos.

From 8 am to 12 pm, you can enjoy Breakfast à la Carte, while any other time of day(or night), one nod to the nearest service station will allow you to choose between the delectable Bites (light-as-air pizzas, seafood tacos, lobster club sandwiches and more) and Grill Menu, featuring everything you always wanted from a Petite Grand Ηotel and more: raw or marinated seafood, fresh salads, delicate starters, freshly-caught fish and prime cuts of meat, expertly cooked on the josper grill, with a
delicately smokey flavor. The menu couldn’t possibly be complete without an offering of classic pasta and risotto dishes, as well as delicious sauces to enhance your steak.

If you want to take a break from the pool, the Belvedere’s brand new dining sets, low to ground in earthy mustard hues, are just a few steps away, offering guests the opportunity to enjoy their food while resting their gaze where the sky meets the sea.
As the sun begins to dip below the horizon, one last explosion of color signals the beginning of an unforgettable evening. The Sunken Watermelon Bar and the Belvedere Bar beckon you from afar, an intoxicating journey through the delicately balanced universe of mixology, while the Belvedere Cellar is your final destination, for fine wines and fragrant cigars.

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