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Combining the old with the new, the latest addition to the Belvedere accommodation portfolio encompasses the entire history of the island in one fell swoop. Echoing traditional Mykonian residencies, the Belvedere Mansion features the hotel’s signature materials, wood, marble and plaster, while transcending time itself with the addition of luxurious antique details and precious mementos.

A Living Legend

Originally erected in the 1850s, this was Pierro Aversa’s favorite holiday home, the Argentinian painter who arguably made Mykonos the cosmopolitan destination that it is today. Reaching far into the past, Concept Boarding Architecture has retraced the history of this aristocratic home, harmoniously combining modern-day elegance with a touch of nostalgia. The ample, light-filled interiors match the size of the glorious terraces, featuring spectacular sea views and a private pool. Separated from the rest of the hotel with its very own entrance, the Belvedere Mansion can be as peaceful or as vibrant as you want it to be. The twin terraces (Dinning sunset terrace of 20 m2 and Pool sunset terrace of 40m2) offer open horizons, where sunbathing seamlessly gives way to cocktail hour and sunset dining, thanks to a fully equipped bar and a multi-purpose dining area. On the days when self-care takes precedence, you can dim the blinds at the touch of a button and spend the afternoon soaking in the bath tub, before shifting through your outfits in the walk-in closet. The soothing quality of the open-plan architecture is enhanced with cozy details that speak to the Mansion’s glorious past, like a set of black & white photographs or a traditional lighting fixture that will take your breath away. Every single detail feels intimate and inspiring, likely to ignite endless conversations with the hotel owners about the Belvedere Mansion’s incredible history. Don’t forget to ask them about Pierro’s guestbook, featuring Princess Soraya’s signature, a keepsake from his legendary Dionysian soirées. Whether you’ll try to recreate them, is up to you!

A Living Legend

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