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Dale de Groff, also known as the "king of cocktails" brings his legendary know how to the Belvedere with 7 exclusively inspired martini cocktails. Dale de Groff, is not only the founder of the Museum of the American Cocktail, a non-profitable organization, but inventor of the Cosmopolitan Martini. Responsible for creating various award winning cocktails, training some of the most famous mixologists in the world, his cocktails promise to tantalize tantalizing the taste buds of guests to the bar. 

Renovated by the renowned David Rockwell Group NYC in 2007, the Belvedere Bar in Mykonos has since achieved a status of iconic proportions amongst those in the know in Mykonos town bars and cocktail bars.

The David Rockwell NYC team of architects and designers designed a bar in Mykonos that would not only represent the very best that Mykonos and Chora have to offer, but also would pay homage to the beauty of the Aegean Sea with tantalizing aquamarine hues throughout.

The idea was to create a winning bar restaurant that would artfully combine the buzzing excitement and vibrancy of Chora and Matoyiannis Street’s trendy bars, with the enduring and alluring romance of the Belvedere Hotel.

The result is a sheer assault on the senses, light and airy in feel during the day, sparkling, sensuous and glittering at night. As the sun sets over both Chora and Mykonos Island, together with the change of colors in the sky from blue to pink, the mood and tempo rise. The Belvedere Bar is the perfect place to begin one’s evening out in Mykonos town. Walking towards nearby Matoyianni Street and the pulsating ambience of its trendy bars and nightclubs, one is carried away, further into the night.