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Synonymous with legendary signature dishes such as Tiradito, Black Cod with Miso and New Style Sashimi, chef Nobu’s restaurants revolutionized the image of Japanese cuisine in the Western World, establishing a “New Style Japanese cuisine” colored with South American & Western influences, in some of the most glamorous venues and locations throughout the world.

Annual Nobu Food Festival

Chef Nobu Matsuhisa returns to Mykonos for the annual Nobu Food Festival held between the 18th to 22nd of July at Matsuhisa Mykonos. The Belvedere Hotel celebrates the Nobu Food Festival for the 14 th year.

Nobu Matsuhisa the Legendary Chef

Born in Tokyo in 1952, Nobu Matsuhisa commenced his culinary career at the age of 17, as an apprentice Itamae-Sushi Chef. Following three years of classical training in Japanese cuisine and a further four years as a professional sushi chef in Japan, Nobu Matsuhisa left for Peru in 1972 to open a highly regarded Sushi restaurant in its capital Lima.

Inspiration for the Matsuhisa Restaurant

Over the course of a working career in both Peru and Argentina and further travelling throughout the region, Nobu introduced the concept of New Style Japanese cuisine in a groundbreaking fashion.Based on international cuisines mainly from South America with a strong emphasis on sea food, Nobu created his unique concept; which as firmly based as it may be on traditional Japanese cuisine, it also incorporates the diverse culinary influences acquired over his lifetime of travels in South America, Alaska and the West.

He then went on to establish his world famous "Matsuhisa Beverly Hills" in Los Angeles in 1987. The restaurant, which excelled in fish and sea food dishes, was critically acclaimed almost instantaneously to roaring reviews. In meeting the actor Robert De Niro, they eventually teamed up with American restaurateur Drew Nieporent and opened NOBU New York City in 1994.

Since then, numerous "Nobu" and "Matsuhisa" restaurants have opened up around the world, in locations such as London, Miami, Aspen, Las Vegas, Milan, the Bahamas, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Athens and Cape Town. 

The Matsuhisa restaurant in Chora, Mykonos

With its opening in the summer of 2004, Nobu’s exciting food finally made its way to the beautiful island of Mykonos, at the Belvedere Hotel.

The International Cuisine at Matsuhisa Mykonos

Nobu felt it would be the perfect opportunity as well as the ideal setting, to introduce his signature dishes to the a la carte menu at Matsuhisa Mykonos in Chora (whereby ingredients flow in fresh daily), in addition to daily specials featuring outstanding fish and sea food sourced from the Aegean.

Renovated in 2007 by the David Rockwell Group NYC, who also collaborated on Nobu NYC, Nobu 57, Matsuhisa Athens, the Town Restaurant in New York and Maze (by Gordon Ramsey) in London, diners can now enjoy Nobu’s acclaimed creations in Mykonos in the Belvedere’s magnificent poolside setting.

With sweeping views over the white cubist houses of Chora that tumble down the hillside into the eternity of the Aegean Sea, guests can indulge in the hotel’s resident mixologists’ signature Martinis and cocktails, a vintage champagne selection and finger food at the restaurant’s Matsuhisa Bar.

The award winning Matsuhisa Cellar offers some 250 different wine bins, approximately 5000 bottles of wine from classic French, Italian and Greek vineyards, with a further emphasis on wines from the New world.

Photographers’ credits:

Nobu Matsuhisa portrait shot with twigs in background (Nobu NYC) wearing Armani jacket: Steven Freeman
Seared Toro Tartar food shot (from Nobu Now cookbook): Eiichi Takahashi - "nobu" by Shibata Publishing Co. Ltd