Committed to the pursuit of excellence, extensive research in the world of hospitality and constant interaction with our guests has led us to believe that a hotel should be a living, breathing organism, subject to constant change. Looking closely at the Belvedere DNA, you’ll find it’s no different to a Cycladic neighborhood. The swimming pool – the hotel’s sparkling centerpiece – is a stand-in for the village square that nurtures community and fires up summer passions. The rooms are strategically built around the pool, so even when sitting on your balcony, you still feel like you’re part of a whole. The Belvedere’s genius lies in the ability to create the illusion that guests are almost within earshot of each other, when in fact they’re far enough apart to maintain their privacy. The eight buildings surrounding the pool are constructed on the perimeter of the estate, forming a filter between Mykonos’ Chora and the guests – a veil of mystery that draws them even closer together. The inherent theatricality of the hotel places a strong emphasis on the individual, inviting guests to leave their own mark on the Belvedere brand every summer. Planting the seeds of reinvention every time you check in, we simply can’t wait to hear what you have to say. You can be certain, we’ll be hanging on every word.