Feminine Flow Retreat with Isaac Vidjrakou

Feminine flow is a three-day awakening experience for women to explore and discover their potential and awareness to heal, or improve, their lives and sexuality through different holistic therapies.

Therapies and workshops are designed to embrace each individuals needs. Connecting with specific consultations will be the source of inspiration to decide the best combination of holistic therapies for you.

Great for: 

The open-minded will build self- empathy and learn new perspectives

  • Reawaken sensual desire and libido
  • Harvest sexual energy for health


  • Group yoga specifically for sexual awakening
  • Group awakening heart meditation
  • Group breathwork kundalini session
  • Personal consultation with Isaac
  • Zensual massage, 90 minutes
  • Chi Nei Tsang, 90 minutes
  • Shamanic mudra energy, 90 minutes
  • Life reading (numerology, palmistry, tarot)

Additional therapies on request: Sakki massage, Tao breast massage, reflexology


When waking up: Lemon water & sun light and commit to no news

9:00 am – Yoga for sexual awakening

10:00 am – Private consultation with Isaac

12:00 pm – Life reading inspired by Kabbalah tradition

5:00 pm – Zensual massage: a combination of many ancient oriental techniques to facilitate the flow of the energy. The soft, gentle, and sensual touch will invigorate all the senses awakening the inner connectivity with your sensuality.

Price: EUR 915 per person