Easter in Mykonos

Only when you have experienced a Greek Orthodox Easter, will you be able to have a better understanding of the Greek culture and traditions. The mystic preparations during Holy week and special Easter customs, are proof of the strong ties between tradition and modern Greek life. There are 60 whitewashed churches and chapels in Mykonos Chora, which you may visit and where you can closer observe Easter life.

The Belvedere team has gathered suggestions that should be on your to-do-list.

Tradition #1: On Maundy Wednesday and Thursday, housewives prepare “tsoureki”, an Easter bread and dye the Easter Eggs. The only catch; you have to wait until Easter Sunday to taste them!

Tradition #2: On Maundy Thursday, you can observe the ritual of the symbolic representation of the crucifixion, along with mourning prayers and chime church bells.

Tradition #3: On Friday, although originally a vibrant day in Mykonos, the island follows the lament atmosphere throughout the day. In the evening, follow the Epitaph procession at the cobblestone paths of Mykonos Chora.

Tradition #4: On Holy Saturday, get yourself a candle and prepare for the Resurrection announcement at midnight. All locals and guests gather to pass on the Holy Light. The Resurrection is happily celebrated with drum beats and fireworks in a magical atmosphere. After the ceremony, don’t forget to taste “magiritsa”, a traditional soup cooked only on this day of the year.

Tradition #5 On Easter Sunday join the festive atmosphere and taste Easter Lunch, featuring roasted lamb delights and the annual red egg cracking contest!

Moreover, Easter is a great opportunity to celebrate Spring in Mykonos. By this time of the year, nature blossoms and you will be astounded by the friendly Greek sun and wonderful countryside. You may take a stroll and wander the Chora alleys, visit Mykonos’ small villages or simply relax with a spa treatment. If you are a daredevil, you might even attempt your first swim of the season!

Image Credits: Christos Ouzounis

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