Sandra Laznik is ready to elevate your face and mind at Six Senses Spa Mykonos

What are your 3 favourite beauty tips?

Exercising and training the facial muscles, doing yoga that focuses on vitality and deep intimate care.

 How would you beat tiredness? 

With cold showers in the morning, massaging and stretching the armpit area (everyone forgets this part) and to take mental hygiene as serious as oral hygiene.

Youve worked at almost all Six Senses Spas around the world. What is bringing you to Six Senses Spa Mykonos?

I’m leading a yoga retreat here with main focus on women’s health. And I feel Greece is the perfect (and my number 1) place on the planet because of your deep roots and (mostly forgotten) traditions of celebrating “the goddess”.  I wish to re-awake that.

4 topics that you are a pro in and can benefit a guest who would decide for a private yoga or pilates session with you?

We will be a perfect fit if:

1) You want to detox your abdominal area and wish to have a healthy digestion.

2) You’re looking for tools that will boost your confidence and improve your posture.

3) You are tired of second-guessing yourself and want to erase insecurity and fears and live on with a victorious mindset.

I’ll help you heal quickly and permanently, because the world needs you and we don’t have time to fool around half-empty, half-exhausted. You need deep vitality that you can maintain, not just on holidays but also at home, and my practices are all about that

To discover Sandra’s unique practices while in Mykonos click here

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