Cocco Restaurant

The Taste of Memories


This new Italian bistro, courtesy of the Belvedere hotel, is riding high on the Mykonian waves, spectacularly located on the seafront. Cocco Mykonos is a petite restaurant in Little Venice, intentionally designed to feel intimate, much like a personal discovery you’d hate to share with anyone but your nearest and dearest. Partially hosting the legendary Caprice in years gone by, nostalgia is intricately entwined with this historic 200-year-old property, although Cocco is here to stake its own claim in the heart of downtown Mykonos.

Italian on the Waves


The menu offers small yet inspired bites for a leisurely drink, while refreshing salads alongside delectable raw and marinated meat and fish dishes will ground a dreamy evening in earthly delights. Light-as-a-cloud pizzas, straight from our wood-fired oven, classic antipasti and rich pasta dishes will round out an unforgettable Italian experience. Cocco’s flavor universe is completed by a dessert menu full of summery temptations, digestive drinks and cigars that will tempt you into making your next reservation before you’ve even left your table.


Italian on the Waves

A Mykonian Tableau Vivant


At the end of an afternoon walk or the beginning of an enchanting evening, a stop at Cocco’s blue bistro tables facing the Mediterranean sea is enough to take you on a journey.
Spending the evening looking at the colorful summer crowds as they walk by, drunk on Greek sunshine, is the next best thing to sampling the delectable menu. In fact, one night at Cocco Mykonos is enough to convince anyone they’re at the right place at the right time, especially when the light starts to fade and the flaming disk of the sun dips below the horizon, creating a unique tableau vivant.

A Mykonian Tableau Vivant

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An Immersive Sense of Intimacy


Designed by creative architecture studio Concept Boarding, Cocco’s tasteful interiors are in perfect harmony with the menu’s hand-picked ingredients. The soft curves of the furniture, the crisp white tablecloths and the superior tableside service create an intimate environment that somehow manages to offer many different experiences: a well-equipped bar that appears almost chiseled out of a rock offers signature cocktails and hand-picked wines, while the dining room extends across different rooms on multiple levels, with a wrap-around view of the sea, glimpsed through windows and doors.

An Immersive Sense of Intimacy

In the heart of Little Venice

Located in Little Venice, Cocco is ideal for true Mykonos Lovers!

– 3 min. from Mykonos Windmills
– 3 min. from Mykonos old port


Become part of the Mykonos legend! Share your Belvedere moments.

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