Wellness Experts' Calendar

Katrina Valente

16 JULY – 8 AUG

Holistic Aesthetician and Facialist Katrina has over 20 years of experience. After pursuing approaches such as Reflexology, Hypnotherapy, Colour and Crystal Therapy, Katrina developed her holistic approach to beauty and anti-aging. Some of her treatments include massages, energy treatments, masks and radiofrequency.

Her Raindrop Massage is proven to re-align the body’s electro-magnetic field.

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Isaac Vidjrakou

09 AUG – 24 AUG

With over 10 years experience in Therapy and Yoga, Isaac’s mission is to help unblock obstacles that slow down the process and evolution of life.
Rooted in millinery techniques, self-discovery, meditation, mindfulness and holistic approaches, his therapies include Thai Massage, Shiatsu, Balinese and others.

His Saki Massage enables a complete reset of the body.

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Feminine Flow Retreat
Tibetan Tummo Workshop

Eleana Danilevskaya

28 APR – 17 OCT

Holistic Aesthetics, Health and Rejuvenating Practitioner Eleana addresses problems of the body, spirit and mind through a unique combination of modern science and ethnomedicine of various cultures.
Her practices include alchemist mastery rituals, face and body work, therapeutic body energy and healing practices with the ultimate goal to unlock your highest potential.

Align your chakras with Eleana’s Tibetan Bowls Sound Therapy.

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Eleni Malakou

28 APR – 17 OCT

Physical therapist Eleni Malakou specializes in PNF, Bobat, Mulligan and Osteopathy. Some of her treatments focus on releasing blockages to facilitate well-being.
After practicing Yoga for 7 years, she became a qualified teacher broadening her knowledge in Hatha, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Yin, Acro Yoga, Yoga for Kids and Meditation.

Her Cranial Therapy is a holistic approach to healing which encourages vitality.

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