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Spend a wellness day with our spa in Mykonos, to live an experience beyond your imagination, enjoying unique treatments and toss away stress, anxiety and bad habits. Six Senses Spa in Belvedere Hotel Mykonos is a destination that you should, even once in a lifetime!

In 2018 the term self-care officially entered our lives and became a treasure trove or personal meaning: from eating clean to keeping fit, there are myriad ways to show yourself you care, so take a day off your busy summer schedule and let the Six Senses Spa lead the way.

Six Senses Spa Mykonos Day Schedule


Six Senses Spa in Mykonos, knows better than anyone that nothing spells out self-love like a nourishing start to your day. Take a seat by the Belvedere pool and enjoy the Rise and Shine breakfast, but make sure you eat mindfully as a heavy meal could cause discomfort during massage treatments. Let the Greek sun fill your energy depots and get prepared for a series of unforgettable wellness sessions, in the most famous spa in Mykonos.



Ground yourself with a balancing yoga session at the School of Fine Arts’ garden, offering a breathtaking view of downtown Mykonos. Yoga instructor Eleni Malakou practices different levels and disciplines, tailored to fit each guest’s needs.



Rituals are an integral part of self-care and the Six Senses Spa Mykonos takes them very seriously. Entering its soothing realm, you will be treated to lime-infused water to stimulate your digestion and a lemongrass-scented hand towel.

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Ease your way into the day with a 20min steam bath in the privacy of your own treatment room, infused with eucalyptus that's guaranteed to remove mental sluggishness or any latent stress and exhaustion, leaving you fully rejuvenated. Just remember that you are only two hours in a Mykonos spa...



Jump on the dry brushing bandwagon with a 60min detox massage focusing on the leg, lower back & hip area. Benefits include reduced fluid retention and cellulite, while silicon suction cups improve skin tone and elasticity. Use this a springboard for your own at-home dry brushing routine and don't forget to ask for tips and tricks.



Give yourself permission to revel in the sun, but limit direct exposure to a 15min Vitamin D-boosting session before you retreat under the nearest sun umbrella. Don't forget to pick up a tube of your favorite Coola sunblock on your way out of the spa and take a dip in the pool to activate your muscle system.



It's lunchtime! Pick your favorite nutrient-dense salad from the Belvedere Bar menu, making sure you go heavy on anti-oxidants and always include half an avocado in every meal to satiate any cravings and regulate your appetite.



It's time for a facial! In keeping with the new wellness trends, try the Rose Crystal Lymphatic Facial, a 90min miracle including three masks, lymphatic drainage and acupressure massage that leaves no part of your body unattended.



Share with you followers on Instagram how is your day in the best spa in Mykonos and then Check your instagram for inspiration before you surrender your hands to the best manicure of your life. The Six Senses Spa staff pride themselves on meticulous yet gentle manicures, making the health of your nails their top priority. The color story is up to you!



Pedicures should never be an afterthought at any time of year, much less in the summer. Choose your favorite shade of high-quality polish and lie back for a luxurious treatment with all the right nutrients and none of the toxicity.



Spend a few minutes taking in the new, glowing version of yourself at the Six Senses Spa lobby as you sip homemade ginger tea with cinnamon, honey and lime and say your goodbyes. See you next time!

Imagine your day in a spa in Mykonos 

If you were asked how would you imagine your day in spa in Mykonos you, probably you would not describe it as it is at the Six Senses Spa at Belvedere Hotel Mykonos! Make yourself a favor and reserve a day full of self-care!



email: [email protected] School of Fine Arts District, 84600 Mykonos, Greece


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