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“A Taste of Greece” at Thea Estiatorio

On Tuesday July 27th we celebrated the commencement of a very special collaboration on a private party. HRH Princess Tatiana’s cookbook, ‘A Taste of Greece’ inspired Thea Estiatorio. Thus, for this summer’s menu, HRH collaborated with our executive chef, Nikos Zervos in creating three signature dishes; A Greek salad Gazpacho for starter, Fish a la Spetsiota as a main course and for dessert, a mouthwatering Greek coffee Ice Cream Parfait.

Guest started to arrive at 20:00 and Princess Tatiana was there to welcome them, explain about our collaboration and book sign the “A Taste of Greece” cookbooks. Guest had also the chance to taste the revamped Greek menu of Thea along with the three dishes of the collaboration. Part of proceeds of the three dishes benefit the Greek NGO, dedicated to reducing food waste and providing meals to those in need.

Thea Estiatorio is considered as one of the top Greek dining choices in Mykonos offering mouthwatering dishes while overlooking Mykonos at its private terrace.

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Meet the Party Girl – Henrietta Tiefenthaler


It’s hard to describe DJ Henri (aka Henrietta Tiefenthaler) in a few words as she is always up to something special. A London born, Los Angeles artist, she is friend with various celebrities around the world and has DJed at Coachella Festival and Chiltern Firehouse while spinned at some of the hottest parties and clubs in L.A, Miami and London. After a quick stop in Cannes, we managed to corner her and ask a few questions about her upcoming performances at the Belvedere Hotel.

Without further ado, meet DJ Henri.

1. Tell us a bit about your recent trip to Cannes.
Well it was definitely an endurance test. I was DJing every night until the break of dawn for a week, starting off at the landmark Hotel du Cap/Eden-Roc, then Warner Music and Harvey Weinstein’s 8-hour lunch party, and ending with amFAR’s 100th Anniversary of Persol, and lots in between. Performing alongside the legendary Dionne Warwick is always a bit humbling 😉

2. Is this your first time in Greece? How do you feel about it?
Yes, I can’t wait. I’ve heard only good things.

3. How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

4. You are a DJ, songwriter, actress. Who or what is your biggest inspiration?
Other artists who don’t just fit inside the box. Bjork, Grimes, Roisin Murphy, David Bowie, Blondie. There are so many inspiring artists who have led the way in music and style instead of following what everyone else does.

5. How do you mostly discover new music?
I troll through YouTube and Soundcloud, other people’s playlists and recommendations, I play a lot of my friends’ tracks, and then I get tons of promos sent to me as well.

6. Fashion and music have always been a great match. How do you decide on what to wear to a set/ party?
I found it challenging to find the outfits I wanted to wear in regular shops and so I started working with young designers to create custom-made pieces. I don’t usually go with the most conventional choices and have been known to show up in totally inappropriate attire for the occasion.

7. What music do you usually listen to when home?
Classics like Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin and Joy Division, Radiohead, film scores and soundtracks, relaxing classical or Latin music. I love the Cuban band Orishas and amazingly I just DJ’d a party and the lead singer came up on stage and rapped along to the whole song. Career highlight for sure.
If I’m in the car or running I listen to a lot of deep house. I love Stephan Bodzin, Maceo Plex, Yotto, John Monkman, Psychemagik, etc.

8. What’s your anthem for this summer?
I love the new Polo & Pan track Canopée. And my song Sunshine Of Your Love, of course. It just came out on the Dutch label Armada Deep and has a phat bass that usually gets the crowd pumped by the time the chorus comes in.

9. What would you tell the Belvedere guests about this summer?
The music will blow your socks off.

Quick 5 with Henrietta
My motto is: Live every day as if it’s your last
My party tip is: Tequila
I don’t regret… My bad decisions. It all makes you stronger in the end.
This summer I will: Try to relax in between my gigs and knuckle down to making some new music.
Now I am listening to: Ludovico Einaudi – Nuvole Bianche.


DJ Henri will perform during July 1-5. Advance reservations are highly recommended at Matsuhisa Mykonos, Thea Estiatorio or Sunken Watermelon Bar. Book your seat at +30 22890 27362 or contact our Concierge.

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Katrina Valente is returning to Mykonos & Six Senses Spa


Get to know Katrina Valente, the renown facialist, based in Dubai, who is returning to Mykonos to provide her signature treatments at Six Senses SpaRead her wellness secrets, her thoughts on beauty and an extra tip!

1. What is your top beauty secret?

Hmmm that’s a fully loaded question! For me beauty is not one dimensional but multi dimensional there are many factors in being beautiful but I think it starts from the inside out. How you treat your body, what foods you put into it and what creams you use on your skin! Emotional wellness is of paramount importance too. My top if I had to choose one would be products but prescribed professional products! Serums make a profound difference too!

2. What is the essence of true beauty for you?

True beauty is from the inside out. Being happy and confident is what shines through and makes a person truly beautiful. Kindness above all.

3. Name 3 products a woman should include in her beauty routine or purse.

It has to be water, a good moisturizer and a serum for your specific skin type.
4. You are visiting Mykonos for a consecutive year. What Six Senses Spa Mykonos guests should expect?

They should expect the best service possible . Their experience will be one of mind body and spirit and they won’t just come out with glowing skin but balanced emotions and feeling more relaxed and refreshed.

5. What are your 3 tips of staying young?

Diet is super important as well as using great professional homecare products and a happy balanced state of mind as well as regular exercise!
Extra tip:
There are no quick fixes for beautiful skin… no amount of botox or filler will change the texture of your skin. Start with a good skincare routine and some professional treatments THEN add in the injectables. They will last for so much longer and be the icing on the cake!


To discover Katrina’s unique treatments while in Mykonos click here

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Easter in Mykonos


Only when you have experienced a Greek Orthodox Easter, will you be able to have a better understanding of the Greek culture and traditions. The mystic preparations during Holy week and special Easter customs, are proof of the strong ties between tradition and modern Greek life. There are 60 whitewashed churches and chapels in Mykonos Chora, which you may visit and where you can closer observe Easter life.

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How did a relatively small hotel in Mykonos town become a favorite with the international jet set? Architect Domna Ioannidis and the Rockwell Group, the team that transformed the Belvedere Hotel into an integral part of the local fabric, have all the answers.

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Moments to remember: from the legendary White Parties to this summer’s celebration


The famous Belvedere White Parties left their mark on the Mykonian social scene and still hold a special place in the hearts of those who attended them. This summer, nine years after the last White Party, the Bevedere celebrated its 20 years of operation with a very special tropical-themed party.